Do need an expert painter to show up and just get the job done? Burban Group Painting can do it today!


Burban Group’s “Rent a Painter” service is tailored for jobs that don’t warrant the detailed project management of larger projects but still require the same professional results. A few examples of the types of jobs our rent-a-painters are frequently called for are:

  • “I need my office and boardroom repainted before our important meeting tomorrow!”
  • “I’ve painted all of the trim on my house but do not have a ladder big enough to reach the last peak!”
  • “We are a strata corporation requiring touch-ups in all of the main areas and hallways in our condo.”
  • “I need to repaint between when my current tenant moves out and when my new tenant moves in.”
  • “We are a construction company needing to complete a deficiency list.”

With this service, Burban Group will, after a phone consultation, dispatch a qualified painter to the site with the appropriate equipment. Upon arrival, the painter will assess, detail in writing, and co-ordinate with the client the exact work to be done and commence the job. Upon completion, the painter will ensure that the job-site is tidied of all paint related activity and review the work with the client.

Burban Group employees are fully WorkSafe insured and guaranteed to be qualified to perform the intended work. You can be assured that you will receive top-quality results for the cost of time and materials required.

Contact us at 604-327-5277 to find out if Burban Group’s Rent-a-Painter is right for you.

“My husband and I wanted to say a big thank you to Burban Group Painting. We had a bad experience with another painting company and were weary to hire another company to paint the rest of our home. When I saw the care and attention the guys took in just prepping the walls before they painted I knew we hired the right company and I breathed out a sigh of huge relief. They did an amazing job, finished on time and even vacuumed before they left, I have already recommended their company to our friends and family. Thank you for delivering such professional and expert service!”— Amber Drinkle