The Burban Group Model

The commercial painting services Burban Group provides to the Metro Vancouver Region, are exceptional in quality and delivery. We are experts in applying all kinds of commercial and industrial grade products and can utilize our experience to make sure the right paint products are properly applied for each project. We posses strong relationships with all of the paint manufacturers and follow MPI guidelines and practices. Our qualified team of painters are held accountable to our strict quality control measures which include training, supervision, and inspections.

We have worked on countless residential, commercial and institutional projects including schools, religious facilities, health care facilities, shopping malls and warehouses. Our extensive experience and utilization of technology provides strong project management and communication processes that guide all of our projects from estimating to painting to warranty. We recognize the unique balance between budget, schedule, quality of materials and workmanship for each job.

In addition, we care deeply about our customers and endeavor to make a sometimes challenging job as cost efficient and as organized as possible. We are constantly innovating ways to deliver services that help our customers achieve their project goals. At Burban Group Painting, the experience a customer enjoys throughout their painting project is as important as the paint itself.

Fixed-Price or Hourly Rates – Choose the best fit for you!

Burban Group Painting offers a flexible cost model that can be tailored to your benefit. The Rent-A-Painter division is best suited for smaller jobs that require a fast response – graffiti removal, repainting an office before an important meeting, or commercial maintenance. You are ensured that you are getting the best value for projects when only minimal project management and administration is required. However, fixed-fee service is more appropriate for larger projects that may require more specific cost controls and project management processes. Read more about our Rent-a-Painter and Fixed Price Painting Contracts to determine which is the best fit for you.

All sizes matter.

Burban Group Painting has proven that it can handle with the same efficiency and professionalism everything between large commercial projects and the smallest residential jobs. View our project gallery for some examples of our recent work.

What you can expect.

When you select Burban Group as your commercial painting contractor, you can expect competent, educated, and professional staff that:

  • will provide expert consultation to streamline cost and schedule, help with design and materials considerations, and understand the budget, quality and other delivery requirements
  • will estimate or quote your project as accurately as possible with the information available
  • are skilled in client communication and ensure that you are engaged in and understand the project process and systems
  • maintain a high standard of workmanship controlled through rigorous quality control exercises and strict management
  • will not make things up as they go along and will process and filter decisions and actions through the plans and systems set in place
  • operate a job-site that is tidy and safe
  • will not surprise you with any hidden costs

You can expect an unsurpassed customer experience when you select Burban Group Painting. Call us at 604-327-5277 to arrange a quote.


“My experience with the professionalism and care that was given by the crew at Burban Group Painting was a very pleasurable experience. The management and crew went above and beyond my expectations to provide a beautiful finish to the walls of my suite. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring a professional job and great finished product!”— Marie Klassen